Tamer hosny o basma

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tamer hosny o basma

Tamer Hosny's controversial marriage sparked another social networking stir this week after the star refused to take part in Islam's musical answer to the blasphemous 'Innocence of Muslims' film because of commitments to his Moroccan lover Basma Bosil. Tamer said he wouldn't have time to join the religious opera which will punch back at the anti-Islam film that caused riots across the Arab world last week.

It seems his husbandly duties to Basma leave him little time for other projects. Twitter and Facebook users have bitten back at the star, claiming that he is happy to make the time to appear on chatshows to brag about his charitable donations but not to put his mouth where his money is by performing in the opera.

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The eagle-eyed fans also pointed out that Tamer managed to find the time to attend a recent star-studded bash with his new wife. The couple were spotted at one of Cairo's most exclusive hotels celebrating the birthday of Egyptian actor Majed Al Masri's son. And, as if thing's couldn't get worse, Tamer's fellow celebs have added fuel to the fire by agreeing to take part in the opera without a fee. Popular singers Midhat Saleh, Ehab Tawfiq and Hussein Al Jasmi are just a few of the names who have already signed up, throwing more egg on Tamer's face.

What do you think - should Tamer have agreed to take part in the opera or are people being to hard on the newly-wed? Feedback For webmasters. Periodicals Literature. Keyword Title Author Topic. More drama for Tamer: Married life gets in the way of defending Islam. More drama for Tamer: Married life gets in the way of defending Islam. No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder. Topics: Marriage.

Ragheb Alama: the scent of his childhood. True identity of Hannan Turk's secret spouse revealed!The last Egyptian artist and artist Tamer Hosni revealed for the first time the details of his relationship with his wife the Moroccan artist Almtazla Basma Boussil, and how his love story began.

Tamer said during a reception on the DMC show that he was received at one of his concerts, "Kashkol", which contains images and love letters addressed to him. As for Bbadma Art's retirement after their marriage, Tamer confirmed that Basma told him he entered the art field specifically to meet him and sing with him, noting that he likes to listen to the songs that were presented in the "Star Academy" program.

He revealed that Basma changed him but did not hesitate, noting that he apologizes for that because of the great rumors about it. Tamer Hosny reveals for the first time the details of his love story for Basma Bousil and how to get to know each other. Video Moved by the search engine of Egypt 24 and transferred as it is from the source Gololi — Arabsand does not express the opinion of the site and the policy of liberation, but the responsibility of the news and its validity lies with the original publisher, Gololi — the Arabs.

Source link. Tamer Hosny reveals for the first time the details of his love story for Basma Bousil and how to meet them. Sameh al-Sriti details twice the decision on the death of his father November 27, Menna Fadali changed the color of her hair for the third time.

Is it appropriate? Photos November 27, After the honeymoon … Here Shiha at a special picnic with her children.

tamer hosny o basma

Saad al — Saghir celebrates his son's production game November 27, He first came to public attention when he appeared on mix tapes with other Egyptian artists. Hosny launched his solo career with his album Hobbecoming a successful singer of romantic music and was given the nickname "King of the Generation" by his fans.

Tamer Hosny was born in Cairo to an Egyptian father and Syrian mother. Unlike his father, Hosny Sherif Abbas, Tamer Hosny grew up with an interest in football and played the sport for five years. Tamer had a long-held ambition to become a director and to make his own music video. He received a one-year prison sentence, yet he only stayed in jail for six months.

Hosny has frequently stated that he was not satisfied with the film. In a recent interview on the Set El Hosn program, he admitted that "I'm not happy with how the movie turned out, although many people love it and it was a box office success.

I don't blame anyone else for that, I take responsibility for it. We had to make major plot changes due to financial reasons. After three years away from the movie industry, he released Ahwak alongside Ghada Adel and Ahmed Malek. It is a romantic comedy about a young plastic surgeon who falls in love with a divorced woman.

The film was a success at the box office, with total revenue of 22 million Egyptian pounds. InHosny released Tesbah ala kher Good Nighta comedy drama about a wealthy entrepreneur who suffers from depression and hallucinations. Falcon films — the company responsible for distributing the movie in the Arab world — released an official statement saying that the movie has topped the box office in the Arab world.

During RamadanHosny starred in the television drama Adam. During two years Tamer Hosny had discovered more than 20 new talents in lyric writing and composing, over 5 new singers, more than 10 new talented actors, and Mohamed Sami as a Drama and Cinema director "Director of his series Adam ".

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The single will distribute the proceeds of its donations to various organisations, institutions and charities with arts and culture programs. More information about the song can be found on official website of the song. Tamer Hosny has recorded a new duet song with Shaggynamed "Smile". The song, written and composed by Tamer Hosny, will be distributed all over the world. The music video has been released at the beginning of ; the music video was shot in New York City, and it has achieved huge success; it has achieved more than one million views in only 3 days on YouTube, and for this exceptional growth rate, YouTube awarded the music video a trending medal.

Because of Tamer's famous charismatic stage presence and creativity, his fans now call him "King of the stage". In an interview with Sherihan Abu Al Hassan on her program Set El Hosn, Tamer said that he doesn't pay much attention to the titles given to him by the fans like "King of generation" although he does appreciate the "King of the stage" title due to his efforts to improve the stage appearance in Egypt.

They have two daughters and a son: Talyia, Amaya and Adam. He is an endorser of the soft drink Pepsi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tamer Hosny. Daily News. New York. Retrieved 25 September Arab News. Archived from the original on 8 March Retrieved 24 March Once you've memorized the lyrics to Hamiltoncheck out these TV shows and movies to enhance your experience. Watch the video. In this part Omar and Salma discover the kidnapping of their daughter by mafia gangs in South Africa, so Omar and Salma face many challenges save her.

The role of the movie is about two friends, one travels to a European country And The Other One combat To blind girl falls in love and when return to Egypt together they discover the same Ebrahim is a bus driver in a private school, and he falls in love with one of students in the same school. Both live a sweet love story but they face problem that caused a big pain to Ebraheim.

Sherif Tamer Hosny who works as a plastic surgeon, gets to know a young lady whom he falls in love with. But when he is introduced to her single mum Ghada Adel he falls in love with The story of the film, in a different context of a successful and wealthy engineer named Hossam Khedive, but recently suffers from problems in his natural life resort to alternative life through a new device enters the world of dreams. Two friends both struggling with their careers dress up as police officers for a costume party.

They soon realize that civilians and even cops think they are the real deal.

tamer hosny o basma

Seeing this as Sayed is student who got fired from his college so he start to fight with his mother about it his mother is taxi driver. Sief, is a con artist who's hired by the beautiful rich woman Hala to help her get her money back from another conman, to begin an endless series of tricks and games in which the concepts of love, friendship and life get mixed-up.

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tamer hosny o basma

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About translator. Download Full Album Cover. August 16 Horoscope. Download Full Album. Report broken linktamer i love u v. What a surprise! The lucky girl that has become Mrs.

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The fans pick: 3mar O Salma. His friend introduces him to Salma, a new colleague who recently moved to the university, she had a hard past He married Basma Boussil in What are synonyms for tamer? I think he is now!! I think he is the best in the world, in my opinion!!

Tamer Hosny - Ba3eed 3an 3enny - تامر حسنى - بعيد عن عينى

Put your order of who YOU think is the best Arabic egyptian singer in your opinion, starting with number one! The Egyptian hit-maker and his Tunisian retired pop star Bassma Bousil are now the proud parents of baby Amaya! May third, folks is when Tamer and Bassma received their bundle of joy. Edward Norton. Get all the lyrics to songs on Eish Besho'ak and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics.

Hases BekhoufF. Amazon Taemr Paiement 30 jours. Tamer ashour - Ma3lesh. Get ready to experience a different reality and sing your hearts out. He first came to public attention when he appeared on mix tapes with other Egyptian artists. He married Basma Boussil in October 19th, - GMT. Login or register to post comments; Music Tales. Views: Tamer ashour - Kelmt 7ob.Salut tout le monde! Merci pour tout le monde. Bonsoir, c'est amine de rabat La musique est une belle chose.

Un grand merci pour le bonheur qu'il procure. Bonne continuation, Farida. En plus il est BEAU. Et aussi vous m'avez beaucoup fait rire dans votre film, et la chanson "telefon aah aah trntn trntn tn tn" J'aime toutes les femmes du monde mais il n'y a pas une qui m'aime!

Oui, paradoxalement, la tristesse a fini par me rendre heureux! Pour moi il est LE chanteur de l'avenir. Bref Tamer est un chanteur formidable. Bonne continuation, Lilia qui t'aime. Tu es une vraie star, on attend toujours tes nouveaux films.

Henda de France. Salut tamer et tous le monde, je suis une fille tunisienne a l'age de16 ans.

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Salut tout le monde!! Je suis si j'ose dire l'une de ses fans Merci pour tout Tamer. Big kiss! Tu es aimable, adorable et un vrai Homme avec un grand H. Je te souhaite une bonne continuation.