Ryzen world of warcraft benchmark

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Making it really hard to get your rotation rigth. WoW is just not optimized for ryzen feelsbadman in azshara room i constantly drop from 80 to 40 fps and its really annoying.

GTX Next make sure all your addons are the up to date versions, I use the twitch app. Looks like a driver issue to me.

I will check all drivers, GPU Drivers are allways up to date atleast. Try disabling your add-ons. I had terrible framerates when 8. There is no CPU that will run fine this badly optimized old game. Graphics Level is set to 7. You can start with removing all this worthless UI and other unimportant addons.

If you use TSM disable it. It causes weird things when talking to vendors and loading in new people in raids. Whenever I really need I enable it for short use and then disable it again. So i have Kui Nameplates instead becasue i like them more. Not all that long ago we had an engine overhaul to improve multi-threaded performance, allowing the game to use more CPU cores if you have them, and every review called it an improvement. Please supply a reference for this statement.

To my knowledge WoW is an old, refined, well-understood game that is superbly optimised to run on older PCs and low-spec laptops. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Performance Issues Ryzen Community.

General Discussion. Anyone Knows some kind of fix or something that helps? Ryzen X, 8-Core 3. Cinsun-ravencrest Cinsun July 31,pm 2. Someoneelse-xavius Someoneelse July 31,pm 3. Dottie-thunderhorn Dottie July 31,pm 4. Mightyacorn-silvermoon Mightyacorn August 1,am 5. Thodric-anachronos August 1,am 8. Hepius-bronze-dragonflight August 1,pm You want to disable all of your addons and see whether one of them is causing the problem.

WoW can have better performance with multiple cores as long as you use DX12 since patch 8. Loraine-ravencrest August 1,pm It has to be either an addon or driver issue. Dottie-thunderhorn Dottie August 1,pm AMD or Intel? What is better for World of Warcraft? A tray version from Aliexpress can cost around EUR - if you find any available as AMD isn't keen on having sales of this model outside intended markets.

The price may be higher with shipping and other costs of ordering from China depending on your location.

ryzen world of warcraft benchmark

More commonly available R5 will likely be bit more expensive than F discounts may vary this. CPUs are quite similar to each other. At multicore it's bit lower. AMD product can reach MHz on all cores but it frequency can also vary based on thermal headroom.

Both are six core and six thread and should perform quite similarly.

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Intel will have lower inter core latency where as AMD will have IPC, memory frequency and bandwidth advantage and those differences may play some role in specific workloads. Reason why iK is still top performer in some games is due to that lower latency.

The difference is that it lacks hyper-threading which is a downside in some productivity apps while games are usually not affected by it. A Czech website pctuning. In more random ones players presence multiple recordings have been made. If not frame limited the game will render lots of frames and spread the load across multiple cores. Boralus flyby is done by keeping Boralus in the field of view when flying via flight paths on the side of the city.

There is a lot of structures here to render. Both CPUs managed to get very similar scores with Intel one having few more extra frames.

Analyzing World of Warcraft multi-core and frequency scaling

In the Chamber of heart we constantly have players but the area is small and relatively simple. This benchmark was done by looking at the chamber from the side having all player in the field of view. Dalaran Legion can load for quite a while if you are not on a SSD as well has higher performance requirements in some areas of the city.

This test was done via flying multiple times around the main street of Dalaran. Some areas will have higher or lower FPS and via multiple circles this is the average result. Also players presence adds bit of random factor to the scores. The FPS is not low enough, but it's close to become noticeable in some animations like camera movement.

With the players random factor you can call it a tie.

ryzen world of warcraft benchmark

Dazar'alorlooking at the seal gives some structures to render as well as lots of players moving in and out.World of Warcraft performance isn't something easily defined. Subsequent patches bring changes to the engine and online character of the game makes accurate benchmarking even harder.

ryzen world of warcraft benchmark

Lack of consistent and repeatable benchmark mode makes comparisons or problem debugging even more problematic. In this article I want to go over my benchmark results and methodology for Battle for Azeroth and Classic Stress Test as well as my set of benchmarks spots that try to cover edge cases of this game performance limits.

Due to extreme diversity and layers of content from different expansions the performance will depend on location. More modern high detailed zones or cities will require more computing power than old zones and locations — and sometimes will be more CPU or more GPU bound. More fill rate or more pure GPU compute power bound. Similarly raids or mass-mob, mass-player encounters will pose a different type of compute requirements.

On top of that an online game will depend on the Internet connection quality. You can check how to use and configure Afterburner in the Tech Yes City afterburner setup video. To check the system for issues that could affect performance I also test every system with Userbenchmark and Superposition benchmark.

The UserBenchmark is a set of system wide tests that check the performance of every component of your PC. It can be used to quickly check if every component is performing similarly to other units of the same type - like how your graphics card performs when compared to the same card used by other users.

Under-performing component may indicate a problem in the system more on that later on and not in WoW itself. Superposition is a generic performance and stress testing application that can be used to asses gaming capabilities as well as system stability - check for overheating or high load induced system crashes etc. There is way more synthetic benchmarks so you can run as many of them as you want - Firestrike, Unigine Heaven etc. For low-end systems with integrated graphics and alike Userbenchmark and Firestrike have simpler tests, while Superposition can run a low resolution p mode.

Basing on my game performance observations and problems reported by other players I picked few spots within World of Warcraft that can be used to benchmark specific aspects of game performance.

Some are within Battle for Azeroth zones but for the most part could be omitted or replaced by base game locations. Here is my list:. Excess frames would be just wasted while causing additional load and thus heat generation on the GPU. Frame limited GPU can usually handle load spikes bit better. I also edit the text file created by Afterburner and add comments for every record log to know later from which spot it's from.

ryzen world of warcraft benchmark

Also note down if you saw any artifacts, stuttering lagwas the game responsive or did you notice a perceivable slow-down of the game in specific situations. Average framerate shows average system performance but doesn't show actual quality and feel of the gameplay.My Account.

Ryzen 2700U performance in World of Warcraft?

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. WoW performance on Ryzen 5 ? I'm currently torn between a Ryzen 5 or investing in an i5 8th gen any recommendations accepted! Hoping you guys could advise whether a Ryzen 5 would be good enough to run WoW on high-ish settings and be consistently smooth in raids? My main game is WoW with some Overwatch etc. Many thanks in advance! Reply With Quote. Albeit, the most taxing thing I pushed it through was Alterac Valley and some other BGs, and it did perfectly fine.

Go for Ryzen 5 x, I have it and it handles WoW nicely. Besides, AMD socket generations last longer than Intel which burns through them. AM4 is supposed to have products coming up all the way towhich means that with good future purchases, unless you'll be turbo gaming, it'll last you to at least. Originally Posted by Voidwielder.

I don't have any good side by side numbers to offer out in terms of wow, but the should prove to be a solid CPU choice for you. The i scores a Again, generic numbers, but gives you a feel for things.

Originally Posted by Foreshadow. That's good to hear! What number do you have your settings on and what's the FPS like in raids? Appreciate the reply. Last edited by valky94; at PM. A will easily handle the game with no issues. My X with a handles the game just fine at 4k60 at preset 8 with a no AA and medium shadows.

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Just a reminder, with 8. So AMD processors just look better thanbefore in comparison given the emphasis on multthreaded work - and currently they're basically equivalent. Get a X if you want to OC, otherwise a and you'll be fine. No one wants to choose. Everyone wants everything. LOL amd for gaming? Last edited by mmoceadec9b64f; at PM.

Originally Posted by DonMakavelix. Originally Posted by KingSapmi. Originally Posted by Miyagie.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 3 mins ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:.

In general zones, I get FPS with these settings. In Dalaran, it drops to fps. Suramar has a huge problem with optimization or something, because it will dip to FPS in several areas in that zone. Mythic raids and world boss combat can still drop to fps seemingly regardless of hardware setup. The game is still horribly optimized for multithreading and modern hardware. I kind of doubt that there would be any wow performance difference in anything from the up.

Originally Posted by Tiberria.

Benchmarking and analyzing World of Warcraft performance

Why not get an intel CPU and get better performance in all games. Originally Posted by truulte. Originally Posted by mrgreenthump. I have a and can confirm with his similar findings. Dalaran, Suramar, and a few other places just take a giant shit on your system for no apparent reason fountain in NH and Bot room too! Threadripper and the x platforms are overkill and no real point in getting them if your just gaming, its rare enough for a Dev to support more then 4 cores nevermind Plus the x is going to have a stupid price tag for no reason.

Any of the Ryzen chips right now will give you your most bang for your buck, especially the R and RWorld of Warcraft is 14 years old. Its success comes with challenges most games never face, and graphics are chief among them.

Blizzard is in a running battle with its own art. That polish has consequences for performance. The game has new graphics features, new textures, and new character models with higher polygon counts. The latest expansion even upgrades the game with DirectX 12 compatibility, while ditching DirectX 9 support.

Before we dive into specific recommendations, we need to set a baseline. How does World of Warcraft : Battle for Azeroth perform on a modern computer? Might modern systems struggle with it? Or can virtually anything run it? Of course, not everyone has such a powerful system, so we also tested on a Dell G3 gaming laptop.

The laptop significantly outpaced the beastly Threadripper X system at every resolution and every detail setting. We also saw small differences in performance between each video card. We tested several times over and double checked every parameter we could imagine. This is how the game performs.

The question is, why? World of Warcraft was released inwhich of course means its development began years earlier.

At the time, most people were running Pentium III or AMD Athlon processors, and most developers believed that single-core processors running at insanely high speeds was the future. World of Warcraftlike its peers, was developed to make as much use of a single core as possible. It generally hammers just one core, leaving a few scraps of code to another three, and the rest remain untapped. Our numbers make sense if you keep that in mind.

Though its has fewer cores, the Core iH is quicker in single-core tasks, and that seems to be a deciding factor here. We wanted to further confirm the result, though, so we took an even more direct route. We overclocked the Threadripper X, upping the base clock from 3. As you can see, overclocking the processor netted a performance boost of about 10 percent. Patch 8. We saw a major performance hit with every tested configuration, and most configurations saw the DX12 option performance 10 to 15 percent behind DX Players can tweak World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth in numerous ways to achieve an ideal compromise between looks and performance.

High-end systems can ramp the preset up to and 7 or 8. While the presets are a good baseline, you can gain more performance with minimal visual compromise if you tweak a few individual settings.

MMORPGs like World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth promise epic, immersive worlds, but providing such a world is always a struggle because view distance can be a huge drain on system resources. The further you can see, the more objects must be rendered. Previous Next 1 of The scene in our gallery above rendered at 96 frames per second with view distance set to one, the lowest option.

Cranking it up to 10 reduced that number to 58 FPS.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ryzen U performance in World of Warcraft? Thread starter dgingeri Start date Feb 21, Joined Dec 5, Messages 2, I'm looking to replace my old Broadwell U using integrated graphics laptop for something that I can run WoW on again. I bought my current laptop specifically for playing WoW on the go, and then the next expansion broke that ability.

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Now I want to see if getting an Acer Ryzen U laptop would be a good step in getting that back. Has anyone here tried it? Algrim [H]ard Gawd. Joined Jun 1, Messages 1, By next expansion are you referring to the upcoming one soon to be beta or Legion? I've ran Legion on a Celeron with integrated graphics and while not ideal I don't see how it could have broken on yours. I don't see any reason at all why you couldn't run it on a U and experience decent results.

Well, I say "broken" in that I couldn't run p at a setting level where I could see the fire on the ground. I don't remember what setting it was, but at a certain level, ground effects can't be seen anymore, and that doesn't work too well in dungeon runs.

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So, I could no longer do dungeon runs with my laptop starting with Legion. Joined Jun 6, Messages 1, Sorry, 6gb are usually around the 1k mark. That would still handily trounce a u in any gaming. The Dell i is actually 50 bucks cheaper than the Acer on Amazon and has a 6gb.

Better bet would be the u in the hp envy, it has a 25w tdp instead of 15w for the acer u so is just as fast due to higher boost clocks, and a few hundred cheaper. Yeah, you're right there. Even the Ti would beat the u, even if the TDP was set to 25W, and those are available even cheaper. I hadn't looked at the pricing on the or Ti laptops. Looks like I'll go that direction.

Joined Nov 8, Messages Joined Oct 12, Messages 2, For what its worth, an RX 2gb on max settings is hitting an average fps running around outside not dungeons.