Most attractive mbti reddit

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Originally Posted by Alassea. Originally Posted by chubber. Jung never intended that, and that was the consequence of leaving it to someone who misinterpreted his work. But she didn't do too bad. This whole thing that INFJs must be rare is a load of baloney.

A Hawaiian name given to the very first scientific confirmation of a black hole. Send PM. Hm, I'm thinking girls with strong Se and valuing Ti more than Fi are hot.

ISTP probably for me. Originally Posted by Typh0n. Not to mention mistyping is a thing.When all is said and done, the internet has two main purposes: cat videos and personality quizzes. Who among us can honestly say they haven't stayed up till the wee hours to find out what they should eat for breakfast based on their favorite Kardashian? If that sounds like a grand ole time, you'll be excited to know that today, you can discover the creepiest thing about you based on your Myers-Briggs type.

What you do with that information is up to you. For the uninitiated, the Myers-Briggs personality test was created by the mother-daughter duo Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers in the 20th century. According to the Myers Briggs Foundation, Briggs was intent from a young age on helping people unlock their own potential. Differences in personality interested her in particular. After she and Myers came across the famed psychologist Carl Jung's theories of personality types, which proposes that people are inherently different in the way they see the world, they developed a questionnaire to classify people based on their Jungian preferences.

The result was the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, which categorizes people into one of 16 possible personality types.

Each type is based on four dichotomies : introversion or extroversion; sensing or intuition; thinking or feeling; and judging or perceiving.

Here’s The Most Attractive Thing About You Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

The official Myers-Briggs test is available to take online, if you haven't yet. Once you know your type, read on to find out what makes people edge away from you at parties. Logical, responsible, and organized, you ISTJ introversion, sensing, thinking, judging personality types are exactly the kind of person everyone wants on their group project. However, those same qualities, combined with your natural shyness, can make you come across as robotic sometimes.

Crack a smile or two at parties, and you'll be amazed how much more willing people are to talk to you.

most attractive mbti reddit

Warm, caring, and stable, ISFJ is probably one of the least creepy personality types on this list. Well, it would be if you didn't have such an extensive collection of vintage porcelain dolls lining the walls of your bedroom.

You might think they're cute, but not everyone agrees. Thought to be the least common personality typeyou INFJs are a rarity, but you're in good company.

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Several important figures throughout history, including Martin Luther King, Jr. Anthony, share your same personality type. You may be quiet on the outside, but that belies an intellectual, driven inner landscape.The physical qualities that each person finds attractive cannot be traced back to their personality type. Everyone finds different physical traits appealing and these things are entirely subjective. INFJs are drawn to intelligence and they want their partners to favor intelligence as well.

To an INFJ someone with an intricate and thoughtful mind, is extremely attractive. The combination of intelligence and a great sense of humor is kind of like catnip to an INFJ. They find themselves extremely turned on by someone who is witty and well-spoken. Everyone is attracted to different physical traits, but INFJs are often more drawn to the internal aspects of a person. They may find themselves very turned on by someone who knows how to make them laugh and impress them with their rhetoric.

ENFJs are often very attracted to someone who expresses effort. The little things that people do to show affection will often leave the ENFJ completely enamored by someone. A sense of effort and kindness is one of the most attractive qualities to this personality type.

INFPs are often very attracted to someone who expresses a deep sense of imagination. They also find themselves very turned on by confidence and inner strength. A person who knows how to conduct themselves in an assured and determined manner, will often leave the INFP very intrigued.

Someone who is capable of standing up for themselves is a huge turn on for most INFPs. When someone knows what they believe in and stands by that, it is definitely an INFPs weakness.

ENFPs love someone who shows a sense of individuality and independence. A person who has their own dreams and desires is going to be completely intriguing to an ENFP. They also find themselves turned on by someone who has a strong sense of mystery and even aloofness.

A free-spirited person who is often in their own world, is a huge turn on to the ENFP. They often like the sense of a challenge and enjoy putting forth effort to get to know someone. If it comes too easy the ENFP might find that person boring or like they lack a sense of uniqueness.

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INTJs are very attracted to people who are a mystery to them.You are effortlessly personable and the confidence you have in your own people skills is irresistible. There is nothing meek or helpless about you. You are a highly intelligent, highly perceptive individual who understands others on a deep level. This gives you the unique ability to connect quickly with new people. You care more about your latest idea than most people care about everything else in their lives combined.

There is infinitely more to you than meets the eye and your slightly mysterious vibe is compelling.

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I hate to admit it but one of the most attractive qualities someone can exhibit in the 21st century is simply not giving a shit about the dating game. You are the definition of the strong, silent type. You are personable, capable and confident — all seemingly without trying.

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Something about you just dares us to put ourselves on your radar. Your offbeat, somewhat distant attitude is endearing at worst and insanely attractive at best. Your aloof independence is hot. Your confidence in what you want makes others want to be the thing that you want.

You somehow manage to always be miles ahead of the rest of us when it comes to general adulting. You are mysterious in all the right ways and it makes people want to know you intimately. You are polished, composed and incredibly humble to boot. People are attracted to your stability and grace — whether you realize that you possess it or not.

Your dominant nature is hot. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. ESFP — Your confidence. INTJ — Your intelligence. INFJ — Your intensity. ENFP — Your enthusiasm. INFP — Your depth. ENFJ — Your attentiveness. ENTP — Your wit. INTP — Your indifference. ISTJ — Your reliability.

ESTP — Your nonchalance. ISTP — Your aloofness. ESTJ — Your decisiveness.

most attractive mbti reddit

ESFJ — Your togetherness. ISFP — Your sensuality. ISFJ — Your composure. ENTJ — Your aggression. For more articles like this, follow Heidi on Facebook. More From Thought Catalog.Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire here. Si is a perceiving function and typologists have found that Si-users like routine and knowing what to expect.

The more they repeat the same process favorably, the more they like to incorporate that process into their routine. Many ISTJs like the same meals over again, the same schedules, and they like going to the same familiar places. They can also be innovative, but are very cautious and meticulous about their innovations. ISFJs like to know what to expect and they tend to fear uncertainty and the unknown.

They like to order their lives in such a way that risks are avoided and the people in their lives are carefully tended to.

They dislike uncertainties, abstractions, and not knowing what the future will hold.

Which MBTI Type Is Most Likely To Cheat?

They can be very protective about the people in their lives, especially their families, and can worry about many negative possibilities and risks that they might be exposed to. Unfortunately, these kinds of empty lines only work to further frustrate the ISFJ instead of helping them. Te-dominant individuals easily see errors that need correcting and naturally delegate to get jobs done and tasks completed on time.

They are natural leaders and supervisors, and while this is a very good thing, it can give them a reputation for being bossy or controlling. They see what needs to be fixed, what needs to be done, and they usually have no problem telling other people how to get those things done or doing it themselves.

Fe users tend to be warm, compassionate, and friendly. However, they also tend to look outside themselves for corresponding feelings of morale and acceptance from others. Other types have to understand that the need for acceptance to be expressed is just as vital to the ESFJ as the need for logic is for the dominant thinking type. ISTPs like to see all the pieces of a puzzle before making a decision.

Funny 16 Personalities Memes (MBTI)

However, when it comes to deciding on a job, whether or not to get married, or when to complete homework, they prefer to mull over information and get all the facts before deciding. This may bug other types who favor procedure and routine over efficiency. As a result, they tend to hold their emotions close and their values even closer.

They are very private about their emotions, but even so, they are often deeply moved by injustice and harsh words. They may cry more easily than other types much to their own dismay. According to psychologist Paul D. ESTPs tend to live in the moment and enjoy taking advantage of current opportunities and realities.

They are usually optimists and favor a lot of action and excitement in their lives. At the same time, they tend to dislike routine, sitting still, and making long-term decisions. They like to keep their options open and become stressed when they have to make decisions that might tie them down or limit their prospects.

Parents, teachers, or partners who see their easy charm and impulsive lifestyle might judge them for not buckling down and making commitments or deciding.

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They need the chance to experiment, go on adventures, and try new things. Tying them down will only cause resentment and frustration. At the same time, they may benefit from the help of open-minded people who can help them find strategies for achieving and choosing their long-term goals. They enjoy making people laugh, smile, and come alive.Each personality type has defense mechanisms and talents that they can use to take down an enemy or protect themselves from harm. What are yours? Find out!

Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire! There are a lot of stereotypes about ENFPs. They are often portrayed as the lovable but disorganized goofballs who always have a smile for everyone. Memes about these types usually include rainbows, unicorns, and confetti.

But real, genuine ENFPs are actually a lot more insightful than these memes would imply. These types may be empathetic and conscientious, but they also have a knack for testing people, revealing their true intentions and making people aware of their own hypocrisy.

In situations like this, they can easily unhinge an entire organization by dismantling one small part of it. They quickly notice how complex systems are maintained and how each piece plays a role. Strategic and visionary, they are able to solve or create technical puzzles that will stump even the most analytical mind. They enjoy the thrill of mixing things up and creating chaos in order to reveal the truth.

INFPs have an innate desire to champion the underdogs of the world.

most attractive mbti reddit

Pick on an animal, a child, or a disadvantaged human and these types will take you down with a commitment and resolve that defies their ordinarily easy-going nature. They are also not easily manipulated. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is usually something that INTPs have in spades. These personality types absorb data like a sponge and then they look for ways to analyze and critique that data to see how it fits into a larger context.

In disaster situations or crisis scenarios, they can easily detach from the current situation to find solutions and analyze various angles and leverage points. Finally, they can spot inconsistencies nearly instantly. They can mastermind intricate plans of revenge and, if triggered, verbally attack an offender with scathingly accurate, debilitating assessments.

They can easily tune into the needs, wants, and desires of others and find ways to help them grow and develop. ENFJs can easily communicate personally to all the people in a group so that they all feel motivated towards one goal. They are extremely persuasive and insightful. Whether they are creating armies, mobilizing people towards a vision, or planting distrust in a group towards their leader, ENFJs can be emotionally strategic for either good or evil depending on their motivations.

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ENTJs make formidable enemies for a number of reasons. They are excellent at mobilizing resources and supervising the implementation of complex, multi-faceted plans. This means that they can quickly and efficiently come up with ways to dismantle someone they believe is corrupt or ill-suited for their role. Also, if you violate their values, waste their time, or hurt someone they love they can become intensely focused and passionate about your demise.

These individuals can instantly objectify their personal feelings and maintain control while they come up with a plan of attack.

Finally, ENTJs have powerful insights into what is likely to happen and can use that vision to create a detailed and effective plan of ambush. So yeah, try not to make them angry. Often underestimated, INFJs have a strong sense of the future and what is likely to happen. They easily see how situations will unfold and how people will be affected. They can often forge empathic connections with others and understand how they are feeling on a deep, intuitive level.

While usually these talents are used for good, if you betray an INFJ or hurt someone they love, they can be experts in psychological warfare. They can mentally unhinge people as a way of getting them to own up for their mistakes and take responsibility.

Sometimes this ability can be used in a healthy way, and other times it can be destructive. Visionary and confident, INTJs are skilled at anticipating far in advance how situations will likely play out.What's your secret kink? Don't be shy, we all have one. I'm talking about that little extra something that drives you wild, that you may or may not be open about — maybe even to yourself!

Learning who we are takes a lot of self-reflection, honesty, and experimentation, and that definitely extends to our sexual selves as well. But there are some shortcuts you can take, like learning what turns you on, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. It's cool, I'll wait. Now that you know what type you are, the question is: What can a personality test tell you about your sexual desires? A lot, actually. Because depending on your personality, you're naturally going to be drawn to certain things and repulsed by others, and somewhere along that spectrum are the things that turn us on.

Here's what you find most titillating, exciting, and taboo, based on your personality type. The Architect is imaginative and strategic, and loves when a plan comes together in the bedroom. They get off on laying down the groundwork before the actual act by setting the mood with elaborate and graphic sext messages. That is, as themselves. Which is why, by leaning into that curiosity and taking on a very sexual and erotic character, they can finally let their freak flag fly.

Of course this bold, imaginative, and powerful personality type is a big old top who's happy to set the rules in the bedroom. As in all areas of their lives, The Debater leads with their intellectual curiosity. The Advocate is both the rarest of all the personality types and the most idealist. Sometimes their idealism can make it hard for them to relax and get down and dirty — until you talk dirty to them, that is.

Nothing breaks the idealistic spell long enough for some nookie at least like whispering sweet, filthy nothings in their ear. The Mediator is the poet of the personality types. They love lyricism and harmony and beautiful words.

So, well-written erotic fiction is exactly what speaks to their biggest erogenous zone: their artistic spirit.

The Creepiest Thing About You, According To Your Myers-Briggs Type

The Protagonist really does believe they are the hero of the story. They are charismatic leaders and always prefer all eyes on them — so much so that having eyes running up and down their body is just about as good as having hands do the same. The Campaigner is an enthusiastic and experimental free spirit, both in and out of the bedroom. They are pretty much up for anything new and edgy. Spanking, bondage, edge play? Sign them up. Like The Advocate, The Logistician can have a little trouble getting out of their own mind.

A little dirty talk goes a long way in making them forget their fears and let loose. The Defender is a a selfless type, who's most sexually free when they can take care of and connect sensually with their partner. So, erotic massage both giving and receiving is a huge turn-on for this generous lover.