Militaria reproductions

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Trading online since we are one of the original vendors for the re-enactment and collecters community.

militaria reproductions

Our comprehensive product range has also being widely used for museums, films, tv and theatre. We ship worldwide so why not give us a go and join our thousands of satisfied customers. We accept all major credit and debit cards through our paypoint secure server.

Germany Militaria Reproductions

SS armband in wool Silver Shoulder boards rank pips German WW2 battle flag Nazi party flag in polyester SS Rottenfuhrer collar tabs SS Officers Belt SS Helmet decals German Army Belt Hooks. JULY Superb quality made in Europe to the Tropical Metal Egg Grenade. A2 size. Good quality cotton fabric in S Wooden shaft and Super quali These are not the usually high quality po SS armband in wool. Silver Shoulder boards rank pips.

German WW2 battle flag. Nazi party flag in polyester.Intended for the discriminating collector who desires the very finest in materials, markings, attachments and other important details, these are almost indistinguishable from the originals. Dealer Application. Numbered Panzer Assault Badges. Stickpins on Sale. US and French Medals.

Select Militaria Book Titles. Edged Weapon. Erel Visor Cap Overstock. One of a Kind Caps. Shoulder Boards Overstock Sale. Other Militaria Items. German Militaria. Edged Weapons.

Dagger Blades. Dagger Parts. Daggers and Bayonets - High Quality. Economy Daggers. Miniature Daggers. Officer's Swords. Simichrome Polish. Combat Badge Stickpins. Eagle Stickpins. Edged Weapons Factory.

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Factory Badges. Hitler Youth Pins.


Luftwaffe Squadron Pins. Political Organization Pins. SS Division Pins. SS Pins. Miscellaneous Pins. Army Swallowtail Standards. Deutschland Erwache Standarte. Vehicle Pennants. German Militaria Books. Medals, Badges, Documents. Gold Bars. Visor Caps.Lost Battalions is the manufacturer of the most accurate reproduction German World War One and Two uniforms available. We are not the biggest company in the business and we realy don't wish to be. Our customers are those "hardcore authentic" reenactors, collectors, and museums who demand the greatest level of accuracy attainable in a reproduction.

Our market niche is to cater to these knowledgeable people by producing reproduction German uniforms of the highest quality and widest selection on the market.

militaria reproductions

All uniforms are made to order. You will need to fill out the sizing chart prior to placing an order. Send an e-email for pricing. Bargain bunker prices are unchanged and this only effects feldgrau WWII uniforms. We are not the biggest company making reproduction uniforms, but our products truly are the best on the market from any source or at any price.

To check out our Camo Page, click here. Please read this page before ordering any clothing. Please read this page before ordering any clothing from us! Bargain Bunker Check out our latest sales and good deals. Click here to visit our Gallery Page Our Details Click on the image above for an idea of how much detail we put into our clothing.

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The Best Click on the picture above to see why we're the best! Our Goal. Please read before placing an order.Passion was born in the s, in a small workshop where the founders dedicated themselves to the reproduction of a few Italian military articles about the Second War.

Over the years this passion has taken hold and has become a real job. To date, our company is collaborating and supplying hundreds of shops, e-commerce, recall groups, theaters, TV productions and movie sets, and it's a melting pot for collectors across Europe. War Militaria is unique in the world. Our productions are unique in the world, and they are the result of a craftsmanship in which we put all our passion. Thanks to our experts you will have access to a catalog of productsalways updated, with unique qualitative features.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we can support any of your requests, and we are available for any collaboration agreement. War Militaria uses cookies to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. By continuing to use our services you agree to use cookies.

About us. We offer worldwide shipments at incredible prices. Some examples: Shipping to Italy: 5. Accept War Militaria uses cookies to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.Thank you for visiting our web site.

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However, not only will you find that highly sought after Vietnam piece, you can shop for a multitude of other militaria items, all time periods and countries. Our show is currently the largest militaria-only event on the West Coast. We are active exhibitors at most of the major militaria shows across the U. We are also invited each year to exhibit at the Victory shows, which take place annually in Japan.

Our showroom, located in Huntington Beach, California, is open by appointment only. In addition to the many militaria items we carry, you can also find high-end vintage clothing; with an emphasis on men's clothing from the 30's through the 60's. Our stock includes, but is not limited to, denim, work wear, souvenir jackets, bowling shirts, hawaiian shirts, etc. We are always buying, so be sure to check our "Buying" page to see what items we are looking to purchase. If you would like to set up an appointment to visit our showroom, you can contact us:.

Telephone: Email: info vintageproductions. We hope you find a unique piece of military history for your collection. We are always available to answer questions about the items for sale on this web site, simply give us a call or email us at the numbers above. Powered by One Touch Design. My Account. Orders Wish list Track my order s. Track my order s. Sign in Register Email. Password Forgot your password?

Register for a new account. Anti-bot validation. Sign in. Remember me. Cart is empty. View cart. Trench Art, Paperwork, Patriotic,etc.

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Valid for orders shipping to the continental US only. If you would like to set up an appointment to visit our showroom, you can contact us: Telephone: Email: info vintageproductions.

Hot deals. Customs Bullion Zallessitant Coolar Tab. Sign in Create account. Gift certificates Promotions Events Sitemap News. Links Privacy policy. Stay Connected Email.True to the originals in every aspect, our Standard is the finest replica ever produced, featuring the highest quality materials and meticulous hand finishing with exacting details. Standing over 7 feet tall, it is unbelievably convincing, and rivals the originals in quality.

Each section is modeled after an original, with particular attention paid to the most minute details. The brass eagle is hollow, like the originals, and is hand finished. Multi-part construction is carried through to the wreath, swastika, and box, with its die struck plates in brass with black enamel.

The high quality wooden poles feature nickel plated fittings threaded for disassembly like the originals. Now you can own one of the rarest and most sought-after examples of Third Reich pomp and splendor, and this exquisite set will surely become the center-piece of any militaria collection! Our enamel badges and pins are the finest quality, rivaling originals in detail and color, with most featuring an RZM mark or an original maker's mark.

Reddick Militaria car-ries a complete line of U. Government contractors. Our insignia and patches are also made in the U. Reddick Militaria is the exclusive dis-tributor for the successors to the premier German cap maker, Robert Lubstein, or "Erel" as it is best known.

We are proud to offer an extensive line of this fine quality headgear, including visor caps, billed field caps M's and overseas caps, as well as high quality insignia and components for repair or enhancement. We now publish these fine titles along with our other military collector books and we look forward to providing you with our high quality customer service. Reddick Militaria pro-duces the most complete line of original quality Bevo woven insignia and badges available today, many of which are made in Germany on old, pre-war looms using original quality materials, patterns and weaving cards.

Our bullion collar tabs feature meticulous, hand-embroidery work that rivals some of the best originals. They are made using the correct aluminum-silver or gold bullion thread and then properly mounted on a stiff canvas backing, complete with the proper aluminum-silver or gold twisted piping. He is engraved in stone in the National War Memorial in Washington, DC, back in a small alcove where very few people have seen it.

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For the WWII generation, this will bring back memories. For you younger folks, it's a bit of trivia that is a part of our American history. Anyone born in to aboutis familiar with Kilroy. No one knew why he was so well known, but everybody seemed to get into it.

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militaria reproductions

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