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The CHD Chinook helicopter transports troops, artillery, supplies and equipment to the battlefield with other applications ranging from medical evacuation, aircraft recovery, parachute drop, search and rescue to disaster relief, firefighting and heavy construction.

The US Army Chinooks are currently undergoing digital improvements to keep the aircraft operational for the next 20 years. The upgraded helicopters are scheduled to be delivered by The programme entered the final assembly stage in June Deliveries will commence in The CHF design features alterations to the airframe structure to reduce the effects of vibration and other structural enhancements to the cockpit, cabin, aft section, pylon and ramp.

The Rockwell Collins digital cockpit is fitted with the common avionics architecture system CAAS with improved electrical, avionics and communication systems. The operating range was increased to km nm with a mission radius of The first was delivered in May In Decemberthe USAF restarted the competition again but did not specify a date for contract award.

People's Volunteer Army

The deliveries are scheduled for The cockpit accommodates two pilots and an observer. Boeing and Honeywell developed an advanced digital cockpit. The cockpit is equipped with multifunction liquid crystal displays and electronic flight instruments.

The helicopter is armed with three guns, including two at the crew door on the starboard side and one window-mounted on the port side. The systems were equipped in January The Chinook is equipped with a suite of countermeasure systems selected by the customer country. Chinook has a triple-hook system, which provides stability to large external loads or the capacity for multiple external loads. Multiple external loads can be delivered to three separate destinations in one sortie.

The central hook is rated to carry up to 12,kg and the other two hooks 7,kg each. The main cabin can hold from 33 to 50 fully equipped troops, depending on the seating arrangements and equipment being carried.

For medical evaluation, the cabin can accommodate 24 litters stretchers. Ramp operations can be carried out on the water using an optional power-down ramp and water dam configuration. The helicopter is equipped with two TL turboshaft engines from Honeywell formerly AlliedSignalwhich are pod-mounted on either side of the rear pylon under the rear rotor blades.

The engine provides a continuous power of 3,shp and maximum power of 3,shp.

army interrogator

Its self-sealing fuel tanks are mounted in external fairings on the sides of the fuselage. The fixed tanks hold 3,l of fuel. Three additional fuel tanks can be carried in the cargo area. The range of the helicopter can be extended by in-flight refuelling. The contract includes an option to increase the total number of aircraft to An order for six new helicopters was placed in February The first CHD was delivered in November The first helicopter was delivered in June and the fifth in Octoberwhile the remaining were delivered by June The first flight took place in March CHF was approved for full-rate production and entered operational service in August Boeing delivered the first helicopter in February The contract has a provision for a priced option to order 24 additional aircraft.There are 10 established classes of supply.

The following are definitions and examples of each class of supply:. Supplies are requested and issued using three categories of supply—scheduled, demanded, and regulated. Scheduled supplies may be reasonably predicted. Requisitions usually are not required for replenishment.

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Requirements are based mainly on troop strength, equipment density, forecasts, or daily usage or a combination of these factors. Scheduled supplies normally are shipped to users based on preplanned distribution schemes. Classes I and VI are based on troop strength. Class III bulk is based on long-range forecasts, equipment densities, and historic usage factors. Class V is based on densities of weapons and the mission. A requisition must be submitted for demanded supplies. Aviation repair parts are in this category and must be requisitioned.

Regulated supplies may be scheduled or demanded. However, the commander and his staff must closely control these supplies because of scarcity, high cost, or mission needs. If an item is regulated, the commander who so designated it, must approve its release before it is issued. Items designated as command-regulated are identified in operation plans and orders.

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For accountability purposes, all Army property except real property is classified as expendable, nonexpendable, and durable. This category includes all Class IX repair parts and all items that are consumed in use, regardless of price. The PBO at the appropriate level of command will designate the level of responsibility that will maintain the durable document register. They provide staff supervision of MMCs and movement control elements. Supplying units distribute supplies to using units by different types of distribution methods—supply point distribution, unit distribution, and throughput.Although he is normally a very serious person who always follows cases "by the book" he also has a very dry sense of humor.

He mainly acts as the interrogator, because he is very persuasive and an excellent listener. We hardly see his personal life in the first 3 seasons.

SAS: Survival Secrets - Interrogation resistance

Yet in season 4, he gets a longer storyline. When he was younger, Cho was a member of a gang called the Avon Park Playboys ; his nickname in the gang was "the Iceman". After spending some time in juvenile detention, he apparently got on the straight and narrow and joined the U. Army where he served in Asia with the 1st Special Forces Group. In episode 12, " Red Rum ", they meet a woman who is a Wiccan.

Although trying to maintain an air of professionalism, Cho seems a little spooked by the presence of such evil symbols. When they encounter the occult, Cho is nervous and on edge, clearly wishing to be anywhere else.

Later, to Cho's chagrin and Patrick's amusement, she shows off a spell on Kimball Cho. Cho still seems upset by the spell placed on him so Patrick tries to allay his fears.

At the end of the episode, Jane burns a newspaper in the sink and then places it in a mason jar, similar to what Tamzin used to place the spell on him. He says that Tamzin gave it to him telling Cho to keep it in a safe place. Cho is relieved, smiles, and puts it inside his desk. He seats himself at the bar. Patrick and the rest of the team watch and listen to him from a remote location. Patrick tells him to look for a likely target. Cho orders a drink and takes it to the table of two beautiful women.

army interrogator

In his typical, stiff, business-like manner, he introduces himself. The women, Darby and Sarah Beth are a little surprised by his approach but allow him to join them. Cho sees Katie working and approaches her. He tells her that because she has worked a double shift, she can clock out.

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He offers her a drink on the house. She thanks him and leaves. Cho's matter-of-fact approach is working well and she happily accepts his invitation. Cho takes them into a room and begins speaking to the team. She is hurt by the revelation. We also learn that he knew about this and didn't tell Rigsby and was okay with it because "Ernie's the clever, handsome one.

We meet his girlfriend Elise waiting for him so they can go on their date.He has been called the "Master Interrogator" of the Luftwaffe, and possibly of all Nazi Germany ; he has also been praised for his contribution in shaping U. As an Obergefreiter equivalent to Private First Class he was charged with interrogating captured American fighter pilots after he became an interrogation officer in He has been highly praised for the success of his techniques, in particular because he never used physical means to obtain the required information.

Scharff's interrogation techniques were so effective that he was occasionally called upon to assist other German interrogators in their questioning of bomber pilots and aircrews, including those crews and fighter pilots from countries other than the United States.

Additionally, he was charged with questioning many more important prisoners who were funnelled through the interrogation center, such as senior officers and famous fighter aces. InScharff was invited by the United States Air Force to give lectures on his interrogation techniques and first-hand experiences. The U. Many of his methods are still taught in US Army interrogation schools. Scharff was granted immigration status.

From the s until his death inhe redirected his efforts to the creation of mosaics. He became a world-renowned mosaic artisan, with his handiwork on display in locations such as the California State Capitol building; Los Angeles City Hall ; several schools, colleges, and universities, including the giant Outdoor Mosaic Mural facade of the Dixie State College Fine Arts Center; Epcot Center ; and in the foot arched mosaic walls featuring the story of Cinderella inside Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney WorldFlorida.

Scharff's mother was the daughter of one of the founders of one of the largest textile mills in Germany. Her father, Christian G. Jahn, lived at the spacious Villa Jahn in GreizGermany, just south of Leipzigand adjacent to the large textile factory compound. After Hans Hermann Scharf's first stint in the army prior to World War I, he joined Christian Jahn as a partner in the textile business, moving his family into the Villa Jahn to live with his father-in-law.

It was during his schooling there that he was first trained in various forms of art, [3] which would eventually serve as a basis for his profession after World War II. Scharff's older brother, Eberhardt, was expected to take over the textile business from his grandfather, Jahn. Hanns was also encouraged to learn the family business and trained for three years in textiles and weaving while still a teenager. Next, he was trained in merchandizing and marketingand finally exporting.

Scharff then traveled to work in the Adlerwerke Foreign Office in JohannesburgSouth Africa to gain experience in sales specifically of the Adler automobiles produced in Frankfurt, Germany for one year.

However, he was so successful at his job that, instead of returning to Germany, he was promoted to Director of the Overseas Division and continued to make Johannesburg his home for the next 10 years leading up to the outbreak of World War II.

Margaret was the daughter of Captain Claud Stokesfirst a pilot in Rhodesia inand later a squadron leader in the Royal Flying Corps. Because of the war and being unable to travel as a result, he was more or less stranded in Germany. After finding work in Berlin and while living in Berlin with his wife and then three children, he was drafted into the Wehrmacht ; he subsequently trained for two months in Potsdam.

Scharff was originally to be deployed to the Russian Front. However, when Margaret Scharff learned of her husband's destination, she, angry at the thought of a fluent English-speaking German soldier's life being wasted at the Eastern Front, intervened. She talked her way into the office of a German general in Berlin and pleaded her husband's case, convincing the general of the error which was about to take place.

He had been slated to leave for the Russian Front the morning the telegram arrived. His fellow grenadiers were sent on to Russia. After traveling by train to WiesbadenScharff asked at the train station where Dolmetscher Kompanie XII was based, not having been given any indication of its location before leaving his panzer unit. Frustrated and concerned over his new battalion's unwillingness to transfer him to his correct unit, Scharff recalled a letter that his father had written to each of his boys shortly before he died.

In the letter, his father told him that, should he ever need help or guidance, to contact one or both of his dearest friends in his regiment, Majors Ledebur and Postel. Scharff contacted then-Lieutenant Colonel Postel, who agreed to take his situation up with the commanding general, whom he knew personally.

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The next morning, the general telephoned the panzer unit and ordered that Scharff be released to his proper unit. During the spring ofhe was promoted to Hauptgefreiter and transferred to headquarters in Wiesbaden.The Roman Army was one of the greatest armies that the world has ever seen and it consisted of troops of all arms, infantry, cavalry, and, when military engines were extensively employed they were also experts in artillery.

Roman Colosseum Home. The number of soldiers in a legion was not absolutely fixed. The numbers of soldiers in a the legion at first contained soldiers, increasing to or infantry during the Punic Wars and eventually the numbers varied from togenerally approaching to the higher limit.

Amid all the variations with regard to the infantry, horsemen formed the regular complement of the legion. The following table provides a list and definition of the Roman Army Ranks found in a legion:.

Roman Army Ranks Adscripticius: Adscripticius - an additional soldier of the Roman Republic who served to fill the places of those who were killed or disabled.

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Armicustos: Armicustos was a quartermaster - tasked with the administration and supply of weapons. Ballistarius: Ballistarius was an artillery operator. Cataphractarii: Cataphractarii were heavily armed and armoured cavalrymen deployed in the 2nd Century AD.

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Centuriones exercitatores: Centuriones exercitatores were the training officers for the cavalry. Conicen cornicines : A Conicen was the horn-blower in the Roman Army ranks. There was one to every century. Decanus: Decanus was the first rank that a legionary could be promoted to. Similar to a modern-day Sergeant. Draconarius: Draconarius was a Roman cavalry standard bearer. Equites: Equites - Roman citizen horse troops drawn from the Roman equestrian class.

Extraordinarii: Extraordinarii Soldiers set aside for special backup services. Hastati: Hastati raw troops. The soldiers of the first line consisted of youths and were armed with the hasta, or spear. Lancearii: Lancearii - Spear armed mail clad field troopers. Libritors: Libritors were artillerymen who operated siege engines such as the onager. Munifex: Munifex The lowest rank in a legion.

Equivalent to a private. Peditatus: Peditatus - a term referring to any infantryman. Praetor: Praetor was the commander of an army. Prefectus castrorum: Prefectus castrorum The third in command in a legion. Prefectus fabrorum: Prefectus fabrorum An officer who had responsibility for the craftsmen supplying services to the military.

Blacksmiths, metal workers etc. Principes: Principes trained troops composed of experienced men.The nominal commander and political commissar of the PVA was Peng Dehuai before the ceasefire agreement inalthough both Chen Geng and Deng Hua served as acting commander and commissar after April due to Peng's illness. The initial October 25 — November 5, units in the PVA included 38th, 39th, 40th, 42nd, 50th, 66th Corps totallingmen, and eventually about 3 million Chinese civilian and military personnel served in Korea by July About the name, there were various opinions.

According to some scholars during the mid s, after the PRC made the strategic decision to send soldiers to Korea, the very first name of this army was "support army. On the other hand, some recent studies show that the change was not only due to Huang's advice. Because much earlier on July 7,the name had already been changed to "volunteer army" by Zhou Enlai on his manuscript about the decision of the army's clothing and flags.

It also managed to deceive the US intelligence and the UN about the size and nature of the Chinese forces that entered Korea.

All ranks wore a cotton or woolen green or khaki shirt and trousers combination with leaders' uniforms being different in cut.

The nominal strength of a PLA division was 9, men, with a regiment comprising 3, and a battalion consisting of However, many divisions sent to Korea were below-strength while the divisions stationed opposite Taiwan were above-strength.

army interrogator

There was also variation in organization and equipment as well as in the quantity and quality of the military equipment. Some Czechoslovak -made weapons were also purchased on the open market by the PRC.

During the PVA's first offensive the so-called First Phase Campaign in the Korean War between October and Novemberlarge quantities of captured US weapons were widely used due to the availability of the required ammunition and the increasing difficulty of constant re-supplying across the Yalu River due to numerous UN-conducted air interdiction operations.

In addition, there was also a local copy of the US Thompson submachine gun being produced by the PRC, based on the type of which had already been exported to and used in China since the s and by UN troops during the Korean War as well. Later on, after the first year of the Korean War, the Soviet Union began to send more weapons and ammunition to the PRC, which started to produce licensed copies of some types of Soviet weapons [ citation needed ]such as the PPSh submachine gun, which was designated as the Type Fifth Phase Campaign.

The PRC had issued warnings that they would intervene if any non-South Korean forces crossed the 38th Parallelciting national security interests. Mao sought Soviet aid and saw intervention as essentially defensive: "If we allow the U.

Zhou Enlai was sent to Moscow to add force to Mao's cabled arguments. Mao delayed his forces while waiting for Soviet help, and the planned attack was thus postponed from 13 October to 19 October. The Soviet role was known to the US but they kept quiet to avoid any international and potential nuclear incidents.

CH-47D/F / MH-47E Chinook Helicopter

It has been alleged by the Chinese that the Soviets had agreed to full scale air support, which never occurred south of Pyongyangand helped accelerate the Sino-Soviet Split.

MacArthur reassured Truman that "if the Chinese tried to get down to Pyongyang there would be the greatest slaughter. The PVA assault caught the UN troops by surprise, and employing great skill and remarkable camouflage ability, concealed their numerical and divisional strength after the first engagement with the UN.

After these initial engagements, the Chinese withdrew into the mountains. UN forces interpreted this withdrawal as a show of weakness; they thought that this initial attack was all that the Chinese forces were capable of undertaking. In the west, at the Battle of the Ch'ongch'on Riverthe PVA overran several UN divisions and landed an extremely heavy blow into the flank of the remaining UN forces, decimating the 2nd Infantry Division in the process.

Task Force Faith managed to inflict heavy casualties onto the PVA divisions, but in the end it was destroyed with 2, men killed or captured, and losing all vehicles and most other equipment. The 1st Marine Division fared better; though surrounded and forced to retreat, they inflicted heavy casualties on the PVA, who committed six divisions trying to destroy the Marines.

Approximatelymilitary personnel and material and anotherNorth Korean civilians were loaded onto a variety of merchant and military transport ships.Bet 365 have a live streaming service available for customers who have placed a bet within the last 24 hours or have a funded sports account.

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